Baby care is not so easy a task as you consider. It is hard for newly parents to understand the needs of their kids. There are certain ways to perform certain actions and when it comes to babies you cannot take it lightly. Sometimes, elders do make silly mistakes, but these mistakes while tending to babies can be dangerous. So, have a look at ways of nursing a baby and I hope you will avoid all the don’ts:

Lifting Baby: Hey are you thinking of lifting your baby by head? Think again, she is just a baby lift her with both hands.

Nursing Baby: Don’t try to fool your baby. Let her drink her mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is very important for a baby to remain healthy for entire life.

Testing Baby’s Bottle: Hygiene is very necessary for your baby. So, don’t test your baby’s milk by your tongue, but feel a drop on your hand to know if it’s hot or cold.

Feeding Baby: Feed your little baby with bottle full of milk and not with a fish.

Checking Baby’s diaper: Sometimes fathers go crazy when it comes to changing diapers of their baby and they can do this silly mistake of putting hand in their baby’s diaper.

Changing Baby’s Diaper: Mothers are always in a hurry to perform all the household works and they forget to use napkin for wiping baby and use their skirt. May be they love their babies too much!!

Keeping Baby: Keep your baby in a cradle and not in a cage. Babies throw their hands and legs in the air, but it does not mean you will put them in cage!

Bundling Baby: In winters you are very anxious for your baby. So, while bundling your baby treat her like a human and don’t put her in a bag.

Waking Baby: Wake your baby with your sweet kisses and not by horns.

Fun Games For Baby: Fathers want their babies to be very intelligent, but it doesn’t mean that you play chess with her. Let her enjoy her innocent childhood and be a child with her.

Shopping With baby: While buying household things, don’t forget your baby. Make her sit her on the upper part of shopping cart and let her enjoy the view around.

Playing With Baby: Give her gentle treatment and make her play and don’t play with her like a football.

Exercising Baby: She is still not prepared for your heavy exercises, let her enjoy your hands as exercising tools.

Massaging Baby: Give her gentle touch of your hands, instead of beating massage like elders.

Bathing Baby: Make her bathing experience as soft as you can. Don’t wash her like an object.

Drying Baby: Hope you are not the one doing as shown in the image.

Helping Teeth Baby: It’s time for your baby to teeth, so get a teether for her and don’t let her chew your shoe.

Calming Baby: I hope you wouldn’t calm your baby with pegs or shots. Hug her gently and calm her.

Stimulating Baby: Stimulate your baby with natural ways and not by the T.V.

Bonding With Baby: Babies have different way of creating bond which is different from elders. So, instead of offering her a cup of coffee, bond with her by cuddling.

Making Baby Smile: Make your baby smile by making different faces and showing toys and not by stretching her lips.

Introducing Baby to Pets: Introduce your baby with your pets in a safe way, instead of putting her in dangerous zone.

Clearing Baby’s Nose: Don’t clear your baby’s nose with your finger, there is nose clearing object, so use that.

Laying Baby in Bed: Lay your baby in bed instead of drawer. She is not going to make noise, so let her sleep in bed.

Babyproofing Your Home: Make your home safe for your baby and don’t let wires remain in open.

Choosing a Babysitter: Choose a well managed babysitter instead of one who can sit just for food. Don’t scare your baby with cheap but scary sitter.

Buckling Up Baby: For this you need a proper training as your careless buckling can put your baby in danger.

Walking with Baby: Buy a baby bag and don’t put your baby in your backpack.

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